Historischer Reitstadel


Court Ambiance with flair

In the Residenzplatz, in the middle of the ensemble of the former Count Palatine, the ballrooms of the residence and of the court chapel, is the historic Reitstadel, famous throughout Europe as a renowned concert hall with outstanding acoustics.

The history of the former arsenal dates back to the 15th century. It burned down in 1520, and in 1538 was restored by Count Palatine Friedrich II. as a storage place for weapons and machinery of the Count Palatine Court. The imposing box building was given the name “Reitstadel” in the 19th century when the chevauleger stationed in Neumarkt used it as a riding hall. Destroyed in the Second World War, the Reitstadel became the most beautiful place in the Old Town in the years 1980/81, restored as cultural centre with concert hall, exhibition rooms in the foyer and glass annex, and is owned by the Town of Neumarkt.

The concert hall on the first floor with podium and fixed seating rows, loudspeaker system, lighting and sound technology can be used for conferences or lectures with up to 455 persons in addition to concerts. The perfect complement is the atmospheric foyer on the ground floor, a simply perfect atmosphere for exhibitions or presentations. It is equally suited for catering events. The Culture Office of the Town of Neumarkt is the right contact address for guest catering – everything is possible from drinks bar through to a buffet.

The historic Reitstadel is without doubt an adequate venue for ambitious events in a festive setting. By the way, the premises can also be combined effectively with the ballrooms of the Residence in the “Krümper” stables situated opposite.

Conference rooms

Room nameSize (m2)Seating/seating capacityExhibition space(m2)
Concert hall360312----

Conference equipment Standard