Can we offer just a little more?

The right accompanying programme makes your meeting unforgettable.


The following pages show very special facilities for your conference or event - in a historic atmosphere, quaint or stylishly modern. Choose what best fits you and your guests. Or, if you wish your meeting to be remembered for a long time to come, you perhaps need a little more. We have a few unusual ideas for your accompanying programme. What would you like?

Discover the town in a different way

Do you wish to show your guests our town but would like the walk to be particularly entertaining? We have a suggestion for you. In addition to our classic town tours with various focal themes, there is the new “Neumarkter G’schichtswandler” theatrical tour. Amusing theatrical scenes from the “NeuMarkt Schreier” portray Neumarkt’s rich history in a lively and entertaining manner. Or would you prefer a magical evening night-watchman tour through Neumarkt in lamplight?

Further information: http://www.neumarkt.de/de/tourismus/gaestefuehrungen.html

Museums with “Added value“

A visit to a museum as accompanying programme – not always the right thing but sometimes really good. If for example you are interested in luxury cars from a past era – the Museum for Historic Maybach Vehicles contains ten percent of all such vehicles worldwide. Or if you have an eye for modern art: the architecturally charming Lothar Fischer Museum shows the magnificent works and sculptures of the famous sculptor who grew up in Neumarkt. What a butcher’s shop looked like in the 19th century (Museum of Butchery and “Weisswurst” (Bavarian white sausage), the beginnings of brewing in Neumarkt (Neumarkt Brewing Museum), how Neumarkt got its name and where the bicycle learned to run (Neumarkt Stadtmuseum)… You can find out here!

Discover more: https://www.einkaufsstadt-neumarkt.de/hp1438/museen-in-neumarkt.htm

Have fun together!

Do something together as a group after the conference: that strengthens team spirit. For example, how about a wild herb cookery course in the Environmental Training Centre? A visit to the Brewing Museum with beer tasting between the foundations of the 800-year-old town walls? An eventful cycling tour or walk through Neumarkt's magnificent Jura landscape? Or an expedition to the spectacular ruins of Wolfstein Castle with a welcome by a “genuine” warden? Another extra portion of culinary adventure: a white sausage seminar with diploma at the Bavarian White Sausage Museum. It really is “do or die” during joint learning, preparation and boiling of the Bavarian speciality. And by the way: we have many other ideas for you. Just ask us!

Culinary indulgence programme

An evening in a special atmosphere with regional delicacies can crown your event. We know what specialities you should by all means try out in Neumarkt, which restaurants are suitable for groups and what flair, what menu they offer. In the very centre of the town, with panorama view high above the roofs of Neumarkt or idyllically outside in the country: everything is possible. Would you prefer to be “cooked for” individually in the private atmosphere of a cookery school, or to order a catering service and need a hot tip? Of course, we can oblige!

NachtwächterführungLothar-Fischer-MuseumTheaterBurgruine WolfsteinFeiern in Neumarkt